Aquamount Natural Water

‘Purified, softened and enriched by nature

Nature-Crafted Mineral Water

origin of water


Bottled at the source in the Sahyadris.

pure water


Purified by Mother Nature, herself.

mineral water


Elevated by electrolytes and minerals.

untouched water

The Elixir

Preserved in an untouched, natural aquifer.

Experience Aquamount

Natural Mineral Water


    AquamountAquamount WINS BRONZE PRIZE for INDIA

    Aquamount Natural Mineral Water chosen among the Best Tasting Water in the world at the International High End Drinking Water Expo 2019. KOMIN Natural Mineral Water has won the ‘Bronze Award in the Still Water Category’ in the International water-tasting competition held in Guangzhou, China. Aquamount Natural Mineral Water’ was the only brand from India … Continue reading "Aquamount WINS BRONZE PRIZE for INDIA"Continue Reading »
  • Natural Mineral Water – The natural Immunity Booster

    Natural Mineral Water – The natural Immunity Booster

    There’s no question that H2O is nothing short of a miracle. It is the fundamental building block to life that separates our Earth from the other planets in the cosmos. 60% of the average (human)adult body is made up of water, facilitating functions from cellular homeostasis to the workings of all major organs. This basically … Continue reading "Natural Mineral Water – The natural Immunity Booster"Continue Reading »